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The Constitution vs. Health Care Reform

We plan several versions, some with supplemental material (copies of Court's decisions, additional discussion, copies of the law, etc.). Probably a sampler version to be available soon with an introduction and purpose.

Portions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) of 2010 (AKA
"Obamacare") are irrational, counterproductive, impossible to
implement without massive violations of due process and unconstitutional
procedures. The alleged mandate to buy health insurance is premature, perhaps
moot, a red herring, a pyrrhic victory.

by Eduardo Siguel, MD, PhD, JD. He created the economic
models used to calculate the comparative effectiveness of alternative health
care proposals and fee for service vs. Health Maintenance Organizations (HMOs).
Based on 20+ years experience and expertise in medicine, health care,
government programs, and regulatory policy.

Available Feb or March, 2012. Probably from,
Barnes and Noble, iPAD, other.

How to improve health care outcomes and lower costs. Health Care Reform

Available 2012/13

Optimal Government Policies and Management

Available 2012/13

Crohn's Disease

Available 2012.

Essential Fatty Acids in Health and Disease

Mostly out of print. Copies available at  A few signed, copies with updated information available from
the author. Contact us.

A revised version is planned for 2012/3.