Books, articles, to solve problems or explain how things
work, on health, medicine, nutrition, government operations, using accurate models
or descriptions.

One common element is the use of accurate models or
descriptions about the way things are or work. Frequently we rely on our own
models and data.

We review data from multiple sources to evaluate their validity
(do they represent accurately what they claim?) and reliability (are the data
reproducible, accurate measurements:?). Instead of relying on 2nd sources, we
seek to obtain our information from the original source.

We attend conferences, trade shows, seminars, social events
and other meetings and communicate (via email, phone, etc.) with key authors
and opinion makers. We thus have access to information rarely reported by usual
news media sources. We read original articles, check the data presented, read
citations, community with authors and ask them questions.

Economics. We provide economic analysis based our models of
the US and World economy. For example, we predict that the major factors that
influence US employment are the balance of trade deficit and manufacturing.
Until policies are created that substantially decrease US dependency on imports
and produce more products in the US, employment is unlikely to increase

Medicine. Our models predict that, for most people, in
particular for major conditions in cardiovascular disease and cancer, the major
factors involved are nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, chemical toxins.

Cardiovascular disease. Our research indicates that the
major factors in cardiovascular disease are weight, calories eaten, nature of
food (foods close to their natural state), and balances of essential fats and
other nutrients.

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